Accept Terms Link in Form Pro

Hello, i want to do a “accept Terms” link in a checkbox Form in FormPro.
Can anybody tell me how it works in the Stack?

I may be misunderstanding, so if I am let me know. You would add a checkbox to your form in Form Pro, and make it a required field. The form will not submit then unless they check that box.

The Main Part that i looking for is how can i do a sepparte Part from the Text after the Checkbox change in a link. As Symbol “i accept the terms” and do the word “terms” as a link to another page or a pop up.

You’d need to write out an HTML link tag in your check box field’s text input. You could make the whole block of text a link, or just a portion.

Also, if you want it to open in a new window / tab you could use the target attribute in your link tag.

so i have to do it after the export outside of Rapid Weaver in the html file?
Is it not possible to do it in Rapid Weaver?

i find this can be a real cool adon, because every form need a “accept terms” link,- )

My problem at the moment is, that i have 22 separate Forms with this solution and when i have to do it outside of Rapid Weaver…i have to do a lot of work after every updating.
it will be great if i have to do it only one time in RapidWeaver.

No, you would do it in the text input field for the checkbox. You would add your link in the Label field here:


You do not have to go outside of RapidWeaver to accomplish this.

@hubertus Your label would look like this: Ich akzeptiere die %a href=“” target="_blank">(AGB)%/a> (PDF) und habe diese gelesen!

Change the (two)% to <

Ok i understand, but how can i do it? mark the text that i want to link and than? how i do it to a link?
can you show it to me on a screenshot​:pray::pray::pray:

Many Thanks before

and here i set the link in?
so easy?


Many Thanks​:clap::clap::clap::clap:

It is just a matter of hand coding a link, like mentioned above by myself and @dropgates. The checkbox stack isn’t specifically designed for what you’re wanting to use it for, so this is a workaround for your particular use case.

Glad you got it figured out. The closing tag %/a> is where you identify the link. For instance, if you wanted “(AGB) (PDF) und habe” to be the link, you move the closing tag behind habe%/a>.
Knowing even just a little basic HTML makes RW more fun. I am such a :nerd_face: because I find this so much fun. The resource page EG linked is an excellent place to learn.