Accordion and RW themes

Hello, please forgive me if this is obvious to everyone but me, I am very new to Foundry and Rapid Weaver. I have searched for info but can not seem to explain why Foundry stack Accordion (which is fantastic) will open in my test sites using Foundry in Climate and Black Themes, but not in Lander.
When searching now it seems like none but strictly Foundry themes should actually work to allow the Accordion stack to open/close yet they do. Is it just a fluke that it seems to work in Climate and Black?
My RW v is 8.9.3, macOS Big Sur 11.6.1, Foundry 2.4.2
Thank you in advance for any help!

All Foundry stacks should only be used with the Foundry theme. The blank Foundry theme contains some of the code for the stacks. Foundry stacks are not designed for use in other themes. Be sure to give the Quick Start guides a watch: Getting started with Foundry

I don’t know anything about those stacks, but it could be that they use some form of Bootstrap and are including the necessary javascript for the Accordion. Again though, the Foundry stacks are only designed to work with and supported for use with the Foundry theme.

Is there any chance to make Foundry stacks work fine with 3rd party themes? I started to use RW and Foundry because of some themes and for now I don’t see any future in my projects, but money already spent… I have problems now with AURA theme and Foundry Accordion.

Is there any chance to make Foundry stacks work fine with 3rd party themes?

No, there isn’t. Foundry stacks are only built to use the Foundry theme only. Refer to the documentation and videos for further information.
Documentation Page for Foundry

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Alright then. Thanks

@yaro Keep in mind that the Foundry theme is very very flexible. It allows you to customize look & feel to a huge extent. My guess is you can achieve the look & feel you want for a theme with Foudry. As @Steve_J check out the documentation and tutorials for details. Foundry is very powerful.


I will check definitely, just a bit disappointed with a theme… But now I know that something like this can happen)

@yaro Both in RapidWeaver and in WordPress and perhaps with other tools there has been a big move from themes to frameworks. The essential problem with themes is many folks want to use a theme as a starting point and then to customize them. Unless you know a fair amount re: CSS and other things, customizing themes can be a big pain in the butt and sometimes create serious usability problems.

Both RapidWeaver and WordPress are theme-based. You start off selecting a theme and move on from there. Foundry and other frameworks have to give you a theme to build from because it’s required by the host product (in this case RapidWeaver). But realistically all frameworks provide you with the ability to “create your own theme” without knowing CSS and a lot of other things. It’s a huge game changer for the better.

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Now I understand its strategy. It does seem easier in a perspective to build a website from scratch on basic Foundry theme.

@yaro Adam’s documentation and video tutorials are outstanding. If you go through the basics carefully then you’ll be in great shape. Getting started with this new way of doing things is the hardest bit … but once you are used to it all then it becomes a joy to work with.

That means starting at the beginning. If you haven’t already downloaded the Foundry theme then make sure to do so. Then go and check out:



Thank you, I will check these out. It just seemed to a new user like me that because Accordion was working the Foundry stack within the two themes but not in others, that there was likely some thing I was doing wrong. It sounds more like a fluke that accordion worked at all. It is certainly scarier to build completely from scratch but as you say may be better with experience. Thanks


you can still use the look and feel of a template as an inspiration if you like. Foundry makes it possible to (re)create whatever style you like.
Every great painter started out copying old masterpieces :slightly_smiling_face: