Accordion / Feature wish

Hi, when I open an Accordion - can we change the icon in this case. So I can show a PLUS icon when it is closed but a MINUS icon when it is opened…

Hey there @Fuellemann – I’d refer you to this post from June 2017: Accordion - Different Icons in Open/ Closed States

Ah - I forgot. I use Ivy then, thanks.

I will take a look in the coming work days and see if I can work up something that will play well with what exists in the Bootstrap Collapse component. Shouldn’t be too hard to do overall, but I think Ivy is likely going to be more what you’re looking for.


That would be grat. I like Ivy but the style differs to that of Foundry and the small differences like rounded corners catch my eye every time… So I would like to use the Foundry Accordion in most cases.