Add missing Fontawesome icons

Can I make a request to add in all of the missing FA Icons for all Foundry stacks. I went looking for the Link FA symbol and it is not present in the Potion Vertical Nav stack and others.

There are many FA symbols missing throughout Foundry which limits the usefulness of stacks that have FA symbols as part of the settings.

It has been mentioned before, but 1 additional Custom setting in the huge drop down list would cure this. Such a Custom item could allow users to add any symbol they like.

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Until any developer puts FA 5 into their product, just bookmark this page

These still work just fine.

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I am waiting to see what the path forward is for Stacks in regards to FontAwesome. Once that is decided by Isaiah and a direction takes place then I will do an overhaul of FontAwesome in Foundry – either updating for FontAwesome v4, or moving to v5, or whatever other direction Isaiah might go. Until then I feel like the majority of the most widely used icons are in Foundry and will hold us all over until a direction is decided upon and enacted by YourHead.

I know you’ve mentioned this one before, and I know I’ve mentioned it is not a good idea in my opinion. My stance has not changed on that as of now.

The issue though is that Isaiah decided to include all of the FA4 symbols. In Foundry there is a reduced list to chose from and I find it hard to understand why there is a reduced list if icons other that using a drop down list is a poor UI choice. FA5 has 916 symbols so with the current Foundry symbol strategy even more symbols will need to be omitted. As Trump would say, Not Good.

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We have differing opinions on this, which is obvious. I’ve stated for you what my opinion is and what the situation is at present.

These stacks, when published, are just html and if your ok with using a bit of javascript then as an example:
When you add a Nav Item and click the set Link button to add the address before you go click the + button and add class under Name and a value of links under value.
Then click the Icon checkbox and find one in the list that you know you will not be using anywhere else, say Leaf
Then add this javascript to the HTML Code section under the Javascript tab:
$( “a.links i.fa” ).removeClass(‘fa-leaf’).addClass(‘fa-link’);

If you want to change to a different link icon not supported within the stack for each Nav Item then when you add the link and go to add the class just make each one different for each Nav Item. Then just add more:
$( “a.firstdifferent i.fa” ).removeClass(‘fa-leaf’).addClass(‘fa-link’);
$( “a.seconddifferent i.fa” ).removeClass(‘fa-leaf’).addClass(‘fa-lemon-o’);

Keep in mind that if the viewer doesn’t have javascript enabled they will see only the leaf.

Easy peasy though, as stated elsewhere on this forum, I only know enough css, javascript to be dangerous!