Adding a Human Test to Foundry 3 Form

Since upgrading my website with Foundry 3 and using the form tool in it I’m being swamped by spam. If there is a easy way to add a Human Test to the form, I can’t seem to find it.

You could add a required field, or checkbox, to the form but most bots fill in all fields when submitting the form.

Foundry’s Form tool has a built-in spam bot trap, often referred to as a honey pot, that is a hidden field within the form. This plays off the fact that bots fill in all fields when submitting a form. The Form tool looks to see if that honey pot trap is filled in and if it is the form will not be submitted.

Thanks for the info. The spam I’m getting is solicitations so I guess it’s just something I have to put up with.

If it is a bot that is somehow skirting the honey pot then I don’t think a “human test” field would be much of a challenge for it. But maybe it could. I’ve sent you a DM requesting some further information.

I know I may be stating the obvious and if I am I apologise, but have you got your email address anywhere in the page either as an actual text link or assigned to a button or somehow in the source code such as in a privacy policy etc? The only reason I ask is that I made the ‘mistake’ with my own website when I rebuilt it in F3, (with a completely new fresh domain name and therefore email address) I added my email address contact@mydomainname on the contact page and then used form@mydomainname for the form. After three weeks I suddenly started getting inundated with spam to the contact@ email address but haven’t a single instance of spam for the form@ email address. It gives me good confidence that the honeypot is working and have since taken off any instance of the contact@ email address from my website and have actually trashed the contact@ email address altogether.


I would highly recommend taking a look at Obscure by Doobox. Once set up, you put a substitution code on your page, which is then substituted in the browser on page-load, and it completely bypasses the bots.

I had included that but now you mention it I’ve just removed it from the footer. Thanks for pointing that out.

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