Adjusting the bottom height of the Scroll To Top Stack

The Scroll To Top stack appears to be set at 40px (for the Foundry footer). Is there any way to adjust the bottom of page so the scroll icon will always start at the top of the footer regardless of the height of the footer. I couldn’t seem to place any information into the Foundry footer so I’ve had to move to another footer. I can adjust the new footer to 40px but I would like to have it at 60 to80 px.

Are you wanting to change the placement of the Scroll To Top button?

Yes. I would like to be able to adjust the height from the top of the footer.

It doesn’t look like you can do that with the stack’s current settings.

The button is normally positioned 40px from the right side and 40px from the bottom of the window.

Here’s some CSS you can use to change it’s positioning. Change “40” to whatever you’d like. You can put it in the Code section so it applies to all pages. If you don’t need to change it’s horizontal position, you can leave the “right:” line out.

#scrollToTopButton {
  bottom: 40px !important;
  right: 40px !important;

Thanks I will try it.

An offset for the horizontal and vertical distance is on the long list of todos. With some bigger updates out of the way I can get back to some of these smaller enhancements as well as back to the new stacks I was working on.