Adjusting uniform vertical separation of paragraphs

Perhaps this is a general RW (basic question), but I am looking for a way to adjusting the separation of vertical paragraphs in groups ( of many paragraphs). This way as I am reviewing the overall look of a page, without having to change paragraph-by-paragraph. I know I can change line height ( spacing) across a page in the Foundry style settings, but I could not find a setting or separation of stacks across a page-or in this case, paragraphs. I looked at the card stack and vertical stack but wasn’t able to figure out how to separate paragraphs as a group uniformly

Any help would be appreciated

Hey there @diversity –

You could create a Partial in Stacks to handle this. I’m attaching a project file sample below to show two different ways to approach it. One uses a Paragraph as the Partial and is simple with the same margin at all breakpoints. The other uses the Margins stack as the Partial allowing different spacing at each breakpoint. Best thing about Partials… if you edit one of their margins it changes in all of them… in the entire project. Having Foundry’s stacks all modular like they are allows for things like this to make your life easier… and using Partials like this allows Foundry to not have to have this functionality baked in which makes it better as well.

Project File Download: • Droplr

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Got it. Works. Just learned more about partials as well as Foundry.
Thanks for the lightening-fast response. You have a talent for making the complex clear

I look forward to the evolution of Foundry !


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Glad to help out @diversity. Partials are a very powerful tool in Stacks and are definitely worth learning more about. If you plan your site out on paper first, doing at least a nice outline, you can find nice ways of using partials to make updating your site super easy. I’m as guilty as the next user though in not always doing that and finding later that I can go back and use a Partial to make my life easier.

Glad to hear it. I actually re-read what I wrote above and felt like I could have cleared things up more, but as long as I got the point across and the example helped out, that is all that matters I guess.

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Well, I spoke too soon. Today I attempted this use of partials, and realized I have a learning curve ( perhaps, with partials)
So I have , let’s say 8 paragraphs written (using your paragraph stack), and I want to increase the spacing between them (vertically). I create a partial from a blank paragraph, and then … and then… I get stuck. I could not figure out how to group multiple paragraphs- that are already written- into a partial.
I can see that I create a partial containing a blank paragraph and then copy that. But I would have to open the partial to paste content , and then all of those partials would have the same content…Yeah, stuck or dense or needing more knowledge of partials through tutorials perhaps
Any further suggestions would be great… and thanks for your patience

You need to unpin the paragraph stack.

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@diversity This is really a Stacks usage question mainly. Looks like @Steve_J Answered faster than I could record the video and upload it… that said, I’m including my video I just recorded below anyway as it addresses the thing you’re looking to do specifically. :slight_smile:

How to unpin partials: HowToUnpinPartials.mp4 • Droplr


Steve and Adam… Thanks guys for both videos and also for not banning me from the forum. Hey, at least I knew I was suffering from a case of ignorance. I own that.
Ok, I’m off to Partial school
Thanks again

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It’s no problem. Really. Glad to help. Partials are very powerful, and as you use them more you’ll get a better feel for how they can benefit you on future projects, too.