Affiliate Links In Sidebar For Each Unique Post

Hi all. I own Foundry and Potion Pack, and I love them! I’m needing to blog now and I’m considering adding Alloy. After poring over this forum and watching videos, I can’t see what I’m wanting to do being addressed anywhere. So, I’m wondering if I can implement having multiple affiliate links per post on a sidebar. I know I could insert links in the main body of a post, but what I was hoping for is that each post could have a sidebar where the links are conveniently always available while my user scrolls through the main content of the post.

Example: If my post is a bit longer in the form of a “DIY” idea for an easy building project (with pics), it would be nice to have a sidebar specific to that post that shows a link for how my users could support my site through Patreon, and maybe a few amazon links for the kind of drill I’m using, or anything else specific to the project. I’ve been imagining 3-4 links possible per post.

I know that styling of content is subjective, and I can still figure out a way to just put the links throughout the main body of the post. I’m just thinking it would be cleaner on a sidebar.

Is this possible with Alloy?

Hey there @RoyRivers

I can’t provide exact examples as I’m on the iPad on the road, but have a look at the Conditionals stack. It is a part of the Alloy set of stacks and would allow what you’re looking to do, I think. There’s a video about the Conditionals stack on the Tutorials page, here:

Alloy Tutorials

Hi @elixirgraphics

Thank you for your quick reply. I did watch the Conditionals video previously, and was excited to see the columns implementation you did. That was kind of close to what I have in mind, except that I was hoping for that column functionality (or some other kind of tool) at the full post level in the actual Editor… maybe as an option in the Editor toolbar. That would probably defeat the purpose of doing posts in Markdown.

I still think I’m going to purchase Alloy very soon, as I feel that all Foundry related tools are the most powerfully integrated in the Rapidweaver platform. Once the tool is on my iMac, I’ll quickly learn whats reasonable for me to do. In the meantime, I’ll work on re-thinking my approach to blogging, as I search for a more visually interesting way of dressing up sections of the actual full post content beyond basic markdown. I’ll search the forum more diligently to see how others are using it. I guess what I’m dreaming about is a simple way to create each blog post as if it were its own modestly appointed stacks page. That would be sweet… and quickly unweildy I’m sure!

Let us know how it goes. Off the top of my head I can’t visualize what you’re going for but if you want to give us a mock-up maybe we can point you in the right direction. :+1:

Since I started this thread I purchased Alloy, Thunder Pack and upgraded to Foundry 2. I love these tools! What I was trying to explain above (miserably) was my desire to have a blog entry that looks like it was created with the most basic functionality of your Partitions stack in Foundry. Meaning that I could put content in the sidebar area that pertained to the current post only and would always display with that post.

My blog will be featuring recording studio products that I have either bought for my own studio, or that I’m reviewing for my readers. Since I have an affiliate agreement with Amazon, I’d like to put my “post specific” affiliate links in the sidebar rather than in the post itself. So what I’m really after is an easy way to do a custom sidebar alongside each Alloy post (preferably as part of the post itself). I don’t think this is doable right now, but it would sure be a nice feature.

Good evening @RoyRivers!

What you’re wanting to do is definitely not something Alloy can do. Doing something like that is a bit beyond what blogs are designed to do. You’re describing something kind of custom.

Thanks for the reply Adam. Yeah, I knew it was kind of a bridge too far… but one can always inquire. Ha! In any case, I can make the blog pages look really nice with Alloy, and for that I’m excited and grateful. Great blogging tool!