AI and the future of web design?

I came across this on my feed and its interesting how AI is being used in other fields besides gaming. Is this the future of web design?


It is an interesting topic. The thing is, he’s doing a lot of the design work himself, whether he realizes it or not. He’s acting sort of like a design director and the AI is the graphic designer and copywriter.

That said, both the art and copy falls apart a little under close inspection, so it would need refinement before a final product. So if he pitches this theoretical site to a client and doesn’t have a way to facilitate the changes they want he might end up in a tight spot.

On the other hand it could be an interesting way to explore ideas and various styles without a large art department. It’s all a bit tricky right? Because the AI is building these things based on the work of other people.


Yeah. I think all the copyright discussions need to happen first, before this can be used on a commercial site. This is all just starting…

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