ALCHEMY - Animate out

I cannot get the - animate out - feature on Alchemy.
I am using the following setting.


@Sree Hi, I’m not sure to understand. You’re in easy preset mode so you can choose one animation already set. If you want to build your own then select the custom mode and start to play, hmm build your own animation. Hope that helps.

@Bruno Hi,
I have attached the screenshot of settings in ‘custom settings’.
Still, I cannot get the ‘out’ animation working.
Screenshot 2024-06-19 at 12.13.15 PM

Can you post a photo of the entire nested stacks of your page and describe what you want to do ?

I want to fade in (with a delay)and fade out (after a few seconds) a stack.
I can achieve it by TOAST, but I cannot control the duration of the animation.
In ALCHEMY, I cannot -fade out the stack, but the animations are subtle.

Ok I understand what you want. I’m not at my desktop now, few hours of work at my office. I will reply to you when I’ll be back (always sound weird…) and try something with foundry3. Sorry for the delay.

Thank you, for the effort.

Hi again,
In alchemy you choose custom mode, then the trigger (scroll, it won’t start if your page isn’t long enough I mean scroll required, or hover) to start the animation.
Then you configure your animation, for example animation duration 2 seconds and fade in with 1 second delay and fade out after 2 seconds, here one possible settings to achieve this : Opacity start 0 End 100% ; Scale Start 50 End 100%; Duration 2 sec ; duration out 2 sec ; Delay in 1 sec ; delay out 2 sec ; easing Ease in out Sine. Hope that helps. :crossed_fingers:

Sorry for the delayed response; it was due to the time zone difference.
I tried these options, but they don’t give the desired result.
Toast works, so I am going ahead with that.

Thanks for your efforts in reaching out.

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