Alert boxes feature request

I think I have noticed a bug in the Alert Box when set to Advanced. The problem is the title area is not “colored” per the rest of the box. This creates a problem stylistically. The label text is black (with no changes possible) but the regular text is a darker version of the alert box color (e.g. dark red if alert box is set to “danger”).

Can there be a fix for this? It seems like there’s 2 possible fixes:

  • label field has correct color
  • option within advanced not to use the label field.

The second option is actually better for me as I can always place a markdown stack within the drop zone and use whatever sized header I want.

(I may be wrong and this isn’t a “bug” but it certainly doesn’t look right.)

Yes good suggestion, this would be much more versatile without the label.

Hey there @mitchellm

This isn’t a bug, but simply the way it is setup. I’ll take it as a feature request. It lands though at the end of a currently long list of requests though so I can’t promise it will be one that is addressed any time soon.

Going to change the title of the post to reflect that this is not a bug.

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Adam: That sounds good. I realize it may take awhile, but such additional features will make the Alert Box stack even more useful. Many thanks.