Alloy 3 commenting incorrectly displays blog post previews

I’ve got Alloy 3’s Blog Entries stack set up to allow commenting using Disqus. However, below the full blog posts and above the commenting area, the stack displays blog post thumbnails that are not on the blog site.

The problem is that I have a “testing” subdomain on which I tried out Alloy 3’s features, and I put sample blog posts on that site. So the situation is like this:

The commenting area of the main domain displays thumbnails of the sample blog posts from the testing site as well as from the live blog on the main domain. I don’t want people clicking to the testing site. I’ve even deleted all the blog files and graphics from the testing subdomain, but the commenting area on the main site still displays the thumbnails.

I’d like to turn off display of blog post thumbnails from the testing subdomain, but Alloy 3 seems to have no way to do that. Am I missing something? Is there a way to fix it? Thanks in advance for any info.

Alloy does not control the commenting whatsoever. That is completely handled by the commenting service, which in this case is Disqus. I suspect you’re using the same Disqus account and settings for both blogs, right?

Without seeing the blog though it is going to be hard for anyone here to give you any advice. You’ll need to post the URL for the blog so we can all view it and see what you have going on.

My guess without seeing anything is that you need to use a different Disqus account shortname for your live, non-test site.

Also, looks like something in your forum post title didn’t get typed out, it currently ends with the word “but.”

Thanks, Adam! I hadn’t thought of the shortname issue, but when you point it out, it seems like the most probable cause. I’ll check that out. I appreciate your help.

Sounds good. Don’t forget to fix your forum post title, please.

I never had much luck fixing it on my site, but I found it’s a new feature (“Recommendations”) of Disqus that you can turn off on the Disqus site. The date range control doesn’t seem to work, but I could simply turn the feature off and that solved my problem. I’ve attached a screen cap in case anyone else runs into the same issue.