Alloy 3- Embed performance

Alloy v3 is really nice! And embed stack too. It works very well but still…I use it on multiple pages of my Web pages but I do have a very special page where I do have implemented about 40 embed stacks. I know it’s a lot

Formerly for this I was using the Armadillo stack (sql based) and the page was displayed within 1-2 seconds. Now with the Alloy v3 stacks (flat files) it tooks from 6-10 seconds to be displayed. Any suggestions to improve Pge loading time?

Suggestion – Don’t use 40 Embeds on a page. I know it sounds harsh, but it isn’t meant to be.

Embeds should be used for content that will change frequently. They’re not intended to replace all content on the page. If you’re changing 40 Embeds on one page frequently you might be doing something wrong from the get go.

You’re literally making 40 different calls to 40 different files outside of your page, not including your CSS, JS, etc files as well.

@efla I think the mental model you have is that Alloy 3 has become a CMS. It’s not. Think of it as a Blog with Benefits. Granted, those benefits (embeds and droplets), are really cool. And a huge practical advance.

… but it’s not a CMS. Those types of things work different. As I understand it (and my understanding may be flawed) … essentially when Embeds/Droplets are on a page Alloy does a search for them. 40 embeds means 40 searches (more or less). So that’s a real speed drain. If you truly want a full-bodied CMS then Alloy 3 is not the answer.

I’m using embeds on a course website right now on specific pages (essentially the pages about the learning materials students need to use to prepare for an upcoming class). I’ve made a long embed for each of those pages: but each page has only 1 embed and 1 droplet (for the banner). So each page is not loading much (i.e. not much to find) even though there’s a lot of content on the page. But I’m also not using columns, grids, etc. etc. Just a long page with one column. It works well with markdown, and works well for my students. Embeds and droplets are very quick to load in this kind of scenario. But 40 or 30 or maybe even 20, 15 will result in a noticeable slowdown in loading times. I don’t know where the sweet spot is, but I’m guessing using less than 10 per page.

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@efla This is a serious ask – any chance you could share the URL for this page? You can send it to me in a direct message on the site, or by email. If you do could you enabled Debug mode in Alloy’s Control Center for that page and republish it? I’d be interested to see the performance. If it is a live site that you don’t want to enable debug mode for that is ok, too.