Alloy 3 - files and backing up

Please bear with me here, as its my 1st blog attempt.
Been through the videos and documentation and in the 1st instance I’ve roughly got it working, except, its not uploading any photos. I’m working on trying to solve that at the moment. The test page is hanging off my main site as a subdomain, will this have any bearing on it? so should my URL be subdomains/xxxxx etc.

Have updated the PHP to 7.4

On publishing I‘m getting a backup folder, saved as well, is this correct?
…and does that need to sit on the server?


…and finally, wanting to be overly safe, if the client fills the blog in and uploads/changes it, do I have any option to import that info into my Rapidweaver file so they are both running the same files, or is that forever kept separate. Which if thats the case, what files do I back up from the server, so I have a copy? Blog and editor? …and by re-uploading these in the case of the server/file becoming corrupt/client killing the files off, does that mean everything would be as before, or is it lost?

Sorry if these are silly questions. I’m just trying to get my head around it.

Check the image size. Most likely your server limits file sizes for uploads, so ensure the images are below this.

I wouldn’t think so, my experience is so long as your paths are correct in RW, it’s all good.

That is RW backing up your entire project, nothing to do with Alloy. Check on your publishing setup page, you’ll have ticked the backup option.

The files that Alloy creates when a blog post is added are separate from RW. You can’t import these into RW, nor really should you want to, as even if you could they wouldn’t get displayed: Alloy does all its stuff server-side, that posts etc. will only appear in the browser of the publishes site, not in RW.

Thanks for the quick response :+1:
I‘ve been using a 400k sample photo, so that shouldn’t have caused an issue, I don’t think.
Think I’II start again from the start, and see if I’ve missed something (thanks for the info re backup, i‘II get that ticked).
So re backing up the clients files, its just a case of giving them a disclaimer at the outset, that if they cock it up, there is no safety net?

You’ll still have the RW/Stacks/Foundry/Alloy website files stored safely on your Mac (and backed up, hopefully!).

The content (i.e. the posts, etc) that the Client adds/updates are Markdown files that will be stored on the Web Server. If they delete them through the Editor page, they’re gone - unless you FTP in and copy them somewhere else…

Without more specifics about what the problem is you’re facing with image uploads it is hard to help. Give us details of what is and isn’t happening please.

Some general troubleshooting though — Be sure to double check that you’ve correctly configured the website URLs within RapidWeaver’s General and Publishing settings. These are important and must be not only filled in but done so correctly. This is almost always the cause of people’s problems when it comes to image uploads. If you believe you’ve done this but it is still not working, then I will need you to send me the following:

  • A ZIP file containing your RW project file.
  • A link to the blog and editor pages.
  • Your login info for the Editor.

Those things can be emailed to adam at elixirgraphics dot com. If the project file is over 3-4 mb you’ll need to use a service such as WeTransfer to send the files.

Also as an aside — 400kb is a pretty big photo. You’ll want to compress and size your images to get them smaller. A page full of 400kb photos is going to slow things down.

Alloy’s Editor also gives you the ability to download backup copies of your Blog Posts, Embeds and Droplets directly from the Utility menu inside the Editor.

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Give us details of what is and isn’t happening please.
Not wanting to waste your time (just yet) Adam, I‘II keep having a play. I’m thinking URLs hence asking the question re subdomains (which isn’t the problem, by the looks of it) more user error on my behalf.

I know 400k is pretty big, but it’s only a test at the mo, the final images will be smaller and jpeg mini.

Good to know you can download copies, I‘II take a look at that as well.

Thanks Adam Jackson :+1:

Thanks Jon

If you post to the forum people are naturally going to want to help though. Without details we’re all just shooting in the dark. Which takes more time than if we had those details from the start. :wink:

We just assumed you wanted help since you posted your general problem to the forum. Let us know how troubleshooting goes.

LOL! How many times have I used that menu, and seen, but not noticed that?! :joy:


That kind of thing happens to me a lot in life. The download options is one of @mitchellm’s favorite features.


Glad to report, after a few attempts, I’ve now got this working, must have had something not quite right. I’ve now got this as a test… thanks for your help above.

But it needs a bit of breathing space/seperation, so how do I get it to look like this? Drop shadow and the photo posted within the frame on each blog, I can see the round corner button to click, but can’t see a drop shadow?

Screen Shot 2021-03-11 at 07.51.44

Thanks Jon

Hi @Jonline

It is a good idea to post a new thread when starting a new topic. In the future, please make a new thread when you are changing topics to ask a separate question from the original topic.

As for the formatting and styling of the blog posts – you can do that in the Blog Entries stack. There’s a documentation page here that explains what each of the settings within the Blog Entries stack does.

Sorry I should know better, yes in future I‘II add it as a new topic. Otherwise it just gets buried/missed/causes confusion. I get people doing the same to me. :thinking:

Obviously found the right stack to adjust, I was looking in the wrong place, easy to do at this stage of my knowledge of Alloy. Have to say, now I‘ve got my head around it, its brilliant Adam! :+1:

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Thanks. Glad you’re enjoying it and figured out what you were looking for.

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