Alloy Adding a form in exchange for pdf

How can I give a downloadable PDF in exchange for email address in Alloy Blog Editor?

Hi @brenda,

Alloy isn’t really intended for that, but perhaps Elixir will respond with a way to make it work.

Having said that: I’d put a link to a page that has Form Pro (part of Potion Pack) in it in my blog post (or site). The Form Pro form would be stripped of all fields except e-mail (and perhaps a consent check box).

This way, the visitor would enter their e-mail on the Form Pro page and I’d receive a Form Pro email in my mailbox. I’d then set up an autoreply on the mailbox that has a link to the downloadable PDF in it.


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Alloy is definitely not the tool for creating content that is gated by a form.

Gated content via forms is on my roadmap though.

Ok. I won’t even try to put it on the blog. I will use the Form Pro on a landing page. NOW I can’t figure out how to eliminate items from the form. I only need names and emails. How do I do that?

Thanks b

The Name, Email and Subject lines are required. These are used in the sending of the email. I don’t think @Erwin-Leerentveld realized these are non-optional.

You’re absolutely right @elixirgraphics!

You could take the subject field out of the equation by presetting its value in Form Pro, but the name field will always be necessary.

That doesn’t have to be a bad thing of course.