Alloy Blog and topper images in Social Tags

I have a blog with a Social Tag image, which works fine.

Screen Shot 2022-02-14 at 14.32.04

Only, it would be so much nicer to have the topper image here every time I post a new article. I share these on socials (copy the URL of the new post into FB) and obviously it shows always the same image. People don’t always realise it’s a new article.
No big deal, I was just wondering if there was a way to do so.


This is a feature of Alloy already. Give the Social Media Tags section on the Alloy Control Center documentation page a read. Be sure to also read the note to the right-hand side of that section titled Social Distancing as well, as it is important.

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Thanks Adam, I should have known you covered this already. My bad for overlooking this.

Cheers, Hans

No problem at all. You don’t know something until you do. :wink:

The documentation has a lot of information and a lot to keep track of. I hope to consolidate things more in a far off future version of Alloy.

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Your documentation is TOP Adam. And in this case, I did configure Socials in Alloy’s Control Center but forgot to undo them in RW. :unamused:

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Makes sense. The only downfall is that the blog summaries page won’t have those social details. This is a more tricky thing, one that @Fuellemann has requested, that will need some consideration in the next big update. I haven’t forgotten @Fuellemann :wink:


The system, as it is, works for me. I know that Google Blogpost has the ability to share posts with a simple click on an icon but I don’t need it. And when it comes to the summaries page, I don’t share it often. So, chill.

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I’m the same, I mainly share the individual blog entries. That said, I do have plans to add something more.

I never doubted you :slight_smile:


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