Alloy Blog Base Font

Where do I find the font settings for the blog post? I have a client who will be using the editor and we were both surprised to not have a font selector in the editor, I therefor deduce it must be a setting in the stack parameters, somewhere.

I just can’t find it. I see all kinds of things for titles, labels, etc, but not the actual post text.

Would be most appreciated if I could get a nudge in the right direction… or even a shove off a cliff.

Thank you.

@mcrosby Hi, You can choose fonts for blog post in the blog entries stacks, here the documentation. In your question I understand that your client would like to choose his font each time he creates a post like in a word processor, this is not possible (except with code injection for each post… and I’m not sure that it works with Alloy). Alloy allows you to configure the font for all posts either by staying with the site style font or by choosing another from the blog entries stack. It seems more consistent to me to have the same font for all blog posts unless you deliberately want to confuse the reader. I’m half-joking, I’m creating this kind of site where consistency should be avoided at all costs in one part of the site. Hope that helps.

Thanks, Bruno.

You correctly understood my intended statement. I want a common font across all Full Entry posts, but cannot find where that is selected. The Blog Entries stack has an option for Title Font, I assumed the Foundry Control Center base font would take care of this, but that seems to not be happening. I was surprised to not find an option to use Typeface for this.

Appreciate your assistance. Happy for any additional input.


Yes Control center take care. In blog entries you have Full entry part, there you can select a font from typeface for the entire post (except title because there is a font title select option above this part). Another way to do this is to use Blacksmith and custom classes.

Interesting. I have Alloy v3.3.2 and the Full Entry section parameters do not contain an option for font (or Typeface) besides the Title Font at the top of the list.

The only other Font control is Lead Font Size (if Lead Paragraph is selected).

Could this be a version issue?

I meant summaries and full entries. I think I didn’t understand correctly your need (I’m French). To apply another font into the text « Body » of your post (different from control center) custom class is required (with blacksmith). If I understood correctly this time, sorry for the misunderstanding.

Thanks for giving it a shot, Bruno. I’m American and sometimes I don’t understand English…

Seems strange to not have a Typeface option for the main text in the post. Will see what morning brings.

Much appreciate your assistance.

I have a little more time to write so I’m taking advantage of it. Your question piqued my curiosity. It must be said that for my personal sites I always use the visitor’s default font in order to avoid display problems depending on browsers, OS and Webserver config. So far I’ve only had fun with Typeface and Blacksmith, I’m going to carry out tests in my spare time (there aren’t many at the moment) for a site with a blog and different fonts. I will tell you the results of my games… hmm of my very serious tests. :+1:
ADD : an idea that could only come from a psychologist: configure two different fonts in typeface, for example typeface1 for the text in the blog and typeface2 for everything else on the site. Set Typeface1 as the base (default) in control center setting and then go into each element that is not the blog entries to indicate Typeface2 as Font. If the site is huge it’s sadistic otherwise it’s a way of doing things to avoid touching too much on CSS. We must not lose sight of the fact that the more different fonts we use on a site, the more cumbersome it is and exponentially increases the risk of errors and bugs.

Interesting idea. I’ll work on that to test.