Alloy Blog Posts

It’s really crazy! Suddenly all my carefully researched blog entries have simply disappeared.
How can that be? And where have they gone? Does anyone have an explanation and maybe even an idea how to save the entries?

I’m seriously wondering how this can even be?

Have you recently added a new post and then this happened? My suggestion would be to log into your server via your FTP software and download a copy of all of your posts from the Posts folder that contains your Alloy Blog Posts. After doing so, and ONLY after doing so, delete the contents of the Posts folder on your server and then visit the blog page again. Alloy should then generate a sample blog post.

If that works then something in one of your posts is causing a problem. I’d upload one or two at a time from that backup you just downloaded and then see which one causes the problem. Then share that blog post’s markdown file with us here.

Create a ZIP file containing that blog post markdown file. After creating the ZIP file, upload it using a service like Dropbox, WeTransfer, Droplr, or a similar service to create download link for us. Paste that download link in your reply.

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Make sure in your Blog Editor stack that you have the Custom Summary Field enabled. Often, a blog post with an image or video inserted too early in the post (where your Blog page will try to show it in the Summary layout, and fail) can have this behaviour, where the latest post causes previous posts to “disappear”. You then just need to copy & paste your Custom Summary in the published Editor page.

You can see the length of the Summary in the Blog Entries stack (on your Blog page). This will tell you whether you need to move images, videos, etc, further down your post if you’re not using a Custom Summary (but I’d strongly recommend you do).