Alloy - "Broken Links" Reported

A friend reported a couple of “broken links” she ran across, but didn’t remember where they were. I then went to a website “”. It came up with 115 broken links, which are all from a subdomain deleted a couple of weeks ago I was using that as a test domain before publishing to the current one What is interesting is that I put the correct link into their text box (the blog. one), and they are coming up with broken links on the "alloy.fam… one).

Question #1) why is that program even looking at instead of the That folder is not even on my hosted server. I checked the setting in RW and they are all correct in going to the blog address.

#2) If I click on their URL to go to the bad links, this is what they highlight on each of the 115 broken links. I have no idea what that information means. Maybe someone may have some information.

#3) I went through each of the blogs, and then links correctly go where I want them to go.

Any ideas what may be happening with the seemingly automatic jump from the “blog” subdomain to the nonexistent “alloy” one?


Please share a copy of your project file with us. Create a ZIP file containing your project and Use WeTransfer or a similar service to create a download link of that ZIP file that you can share with us.

Hi IdahoSam,

I often test websites including Alloy on subdomains on my webhost server. Once the site goes live, I do a clean publish to the client’s server and re-establish the correct links needed in the Alloy editor. I then delete the testsite on my server completely.

I suspect that in your case there must be traces of your testsite left on the internet.
just a thought…


This is the project file. @Panans - There may be links still inside of RW that I am unaware of, but the site on the server is completely gone and the subdomain was deleted several weeks ago. I host on Chillidog and going into the Cpanel I can see no remnants left.

So my guess is that still somewhere in my Alloy file, there is something hidden that I can’t see. It’s odd though that the Blog site itself works well,

Hi Stephen,

I can see there’s a site image missing in the editor page. You are using stacks in your project I don’t have, so I can’t check everything. But I see you have entered 3 different Blog Entries on your blog page. On your live blogsite I can only see one in use. To me it’s unclear why you would do that.

Also the logic of starting with a Topper Plus (which I don’t see in the live version), then your first Blog Entries Stack, underneath a Mega Menu, and finally a Backdrop. I would probably change the order of stacks in my project and delete all the unused stacks in my project.

I’m sorry, but I can’t help you any further with this.


But at first sight

You have your Recent Posts stack pointing to the old blog still. I’d go through and double check all of your stacks to make sure you didn’t miss something else to be safe too. :+1:

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AHHH…I forgot to look at the “Recent Posts” and “Categories” stacks. They were collapsed in the project in a modal. Corrected those and re-ran the website broken link checker. All is well now.

Thanks for just checking and pointing out the need to check again.

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