Alloy caption on topper images

Not a problem here per se, but more like a feature suggestion. I’ve been using Alloy for well over a year and really like it, but I find myself frequently wishing there were an option for including a caption directly below the topper image. Any possibility of that in a future update?

Thanks, David

The topper image is intended for decorative purposes only. Personally I can’t think of a blog system that does captions for these decorative style post toppers. A caption isn’t something I’d likely add for the topper.

Thanks for the clarification. Now I understand that I’m using Alloy wrong, and that that area is intended merely for decoration, not actual content. My prior thinking had been that some visitors to a travel blog, for instance, might be interested in knowing what the subject of picture is, but yeah… who cares about a decoration. FYI, this example is via Wordpress:

A caption option is built in.

Thanks again, David

I didn’t say you were using it wrong, merely pointing out how I designed it. You’re welcome to use it however you like. My design for Alloy simply doesn’t include such an option. Sorry if this has upset you.

one thought,

the website sited from christian caine is not a blog, per say. It’s a full blown website. The simple blog that Alloy provides is strictly a blog. upon reviewing christian’s website, she may use it as a “blog” to host her essays and look at it carefully, the site has full-blown navigation, is cut into grids to display lots of different content and the bottom of the site has furhter social media tool bar and contact us navigation.

So in my opinion, that is not a “blog” site, it’s the actual website being used as a complex blogging site.

Alloy is much simpler and designed for simple blogging, in my opinion.