Alloy date and category line "pill shaped tags" not working


I’m setting up my first Alloy blog. I’ve gone through the help files and have set up my tags as pill shaped. They appear fine as pills.

However, in the Blog Entries stack, when I uncheck the box parked “Pill shaped tags”, this seems to have no effect and the tags continue to appear as pill shaped items.

Is this right, and if so, what’s the purpose of the ‘pill shaped tags’ check box?


Are you referring to seeing no effect on the published site or only in Edit Mode?

Hi Adam. On the published site and in Edit Mode.

Here’s a couple of screen shots of my RapidWeaver settings (in the summaries component of a conditional stack) showing the Pill Shaped Tags boxed unchecked.

And a screen shot of my test blog post on the site with pill shaped tags displaying still.

The badge class, which is new in Bootstrap 5, which Foundry and Alloy use, has built-in rounded corners, whereas the label class I’d used previously did not. So by default these will always have rounded corners. I can adjust for this in an update, but it will be a while before I am able to get to updating Alloy right now. You can however use Blacksmith, as tool in Foundry 3, to change this yourself right now.

Create a new Blacksmith Stylesheet. For the Class Name use: tag-in-dateline

Then in the settings for that stylesheet enable the Border Radius settings and set them to 0

That will remove the rounded corners from the Date Line Tags.

No worries, thanks Adam. Good to know the fix. I’m good with it as is, just thought it worth reporting through as I couldn’t see any changes happening. Now I know what I’m looking for too.

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