Alloy display blog entry depending registred user in sitelok

I’m looking to display blog post using alloy, depending of type of registered user of read stored in sitelok membership login.
In sitelok a user is been stored depending his type of member: Gold, Plate, Bronze.
When the user is logged in, Not all the post are available for each category. Some post can be read for bronze user, but this member cannot read Gold posts.
How link sitelok membership with alloy blog post?, How to make differences between these posts? may be using categories or labels? Would be better categories than labels. Or may be the type of solution?
Can someone help me to find a solution?
Thank you very much to everybody want to spend a part of her/his time with my question.
Best regards

Alloy is not built to integrate with Sitelok.

@Acormail I can’t think of a way to accomplish what you want in exactly the way you describe.

You could create 3 different blogs for each kind of member. And then Sitelok can process who is allowed to see each of the 3 blogs. This is doable with Alloy. Some simple copy/pasting would work nicely. But it is a bit of extra work: not terrible, but there’s no super simple solution to this scenario.

Hi, Thank you for your answer. Best regards.

Hi mitchelim,
thank you for your replay. I’m very appreciated.
This solution is I was working on. Is a little bit of work, yes sure, and it works.
The issue is when you have more types than three and it’s not an automatic mechanism.
As you have a new category of membership you need to duplicate and select the information to copy, instead of introduce some label or categories into the post.
I’m very glad for your time.
I will put at work this solution that you are proposing and still working an any other possible creative solution.
Thank you very much for your proposal.
Best regards.