Alloy Editor and Grammarly

The Alloy editor is fantastic for creating blog posts and embeds, but the most frustrating thing for me is that the Grammarly extension in Safari does NOT work in the editor.

This is a major hassle as I like to have my grammar checked.

Due to this not working, I’m now forced to go outside the editor to write and then paste the text into the editor. This is less than ideal.

What I’m left wondering is why it does not work. Grammarly typically pops up anywhere you can edit text and is incredibly useful. There must be some technical reason why it does not work, and I would love to know what it is.

Is it possible to get it to work?

Grammarly doesn’t work with Markdown (which Alloy uses), as far as I can see - there’s a lot about this on the Internet.

You’d need to take this up with them, IMHO. It’s not something @elixirgraphics can fix for them.

That certainly has not been my experience, as I always use it inside the Paragraph tool in Rapdiweaver.

When I write the content for my blog, I do it in a markdown editor, and it has zero problems working with Grammarly. That doesn’t mean the problem doesn’t lie with Grammarly. My experience is that, to date, it has worked fine in all of the markdown editors I have tried. More importantly, it works fine in the Paragraph and Header tools.

Interesting. I’m not a Grammarly user, so I’m just going on a Google search.

Obviously, Alloy Editor would be using the Grammarly browser extension, whereas Paragraph in RW would be the Grammarly desktop app - whether they’re different in terms of capability, I couldn’t say.

They claim that it’ll work anywhere, whereas Alloy isn’t specifically designed to integrate with 3rd party applications.

I’m not a developer, but looking on their pages there is an API, although that seems to be more for app-integration? :man_shrugging:

Whether there’s any value in Adam investing the time & resource to investigate and integrate (assuming it’s even possible) is something only he can answer, but it would clearly depend on relative priorities.

In ITIL terms, since it’s not a bug (because Alloy isn’t specifically designed to do this) and there’s a simple workaround (painful, but not a show-stopper), I can’t imagine that it’s likely to be a priority - although that may depend on how many users are affected, but I’ve never seen it mentioned before…

I’ve never heard of or used Grammarly. Alloy’s Editor fields are a bit unique though. The regular field in the editor’s “form” is replaced by a javascript enabled Markdown editor. Grammarly likely sees the old field and not the new JS field. My guess is there’s not a way around this though.

I figured it might be something like that, not a problem I’ll just continue using my workaround.


I got a chance to test this out in the Safari Technology Preview browser, and for some reason, Grammarly works inside that browser. Go figure! I’ll test it on Sonoma to see if the same is true there.

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