Alloy Editor and Public Blog Page Disappeared

I am setting up a new blog with Alloy. It has been working well over the past two weeks. I had two “filler” posts to work on the look. Yesterday, I edited one to be the first real post. All went well. Today, I logged into the online editor and deleted the other filler post. Now, when I go to the editor or blog page, the screen is white. When I inspect the page there is no content. I have checked the server files and the post plain text post I wrote is still in the “Posts” folder. Any clue? Below are the editor page and blog page links.

The blog needs to have at least one blog post in the Posts folder. Is the post in your posts folder Published or a Draft?

When I visit your blog this is what I see:

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Clear the cache on you browser, close the browser and re-launch it to see if that post appears.

Thank you for checking. I just went to the site and the page loaded correctly. I’m not sure what was going on. I did all the usual stuff like clearing the cache, etc. and it did not work. Now that it is an hour later, I am glad it is back up and I can get back to work. Thanks again for the speedy reply.

Are you using Cloudflare by chance? If so it may have cached the page earlier when it was between having posts.

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