Alloy Editor - cannot login

I’m re-introducing myself to Alloy after a lengthy absence and cannot FIND the editor page URL. I’ve followed the Quick Start - Editor video very closely many times (Quick Start - Editor - YouTube). Without success.

My password is missing from the and all records. I have a User Name and Hashed Pass code left over from previous times. I’ve even tried to put the Editor back into Password mode to re-setup the password using the same steps used in the video. No joy!

Here is where the video falls down for me.

At 9:36 - “…and we will jump over to Safari”. The URL shows https:// alloy. elixirgraphics. com / quick-start / editor
At 9:36 - “…and we’ll go to our editor page” The URL jumps quickly to the editor page alloy. elizirgraphics. com

When I open Safari, I don’t show that page or any page. Where do I find my replacement for the ‘quick-start’ section of the URL?

Also; 1) re-installed Alloy twice from the latest download, 2) re-booted several times, 3) macOS 12.6.1, 4) php 7.4.33

Any suggestions?

Your address will depend on the folder name you gave your Editor page. Only you’ll know this, since we don’t have your project file available to us, or your knowledge of how you set it up.

Provide us a copy of your project file please, along with a link to the live site and we can better assist you.

Create a ZIP file containing your project file. This is the file you open in RapidWeaver to edit your site. After creating the ZIP file, upload it using a service like Dropbox, WeTransfer, Droplr, or a similar service to create download link for us. Paste that download link in your reply.

Link to the project file:

Link to the live site:

Thank you!

Your Editor page lives here: Editor | DNA-Blog

That said, it looks like you at some point published the editor to the main home page folder. I would do a Republish All Files via RapidWeaver to make sure RapidWeaver overwrites the index file already present at this location:

Thank you for your prompt assistance. I want to close this topic with a few thoughts.

  1. The video ‘Quick Start: Editor’ mentions changing the Editor Stack → General Settings → Meta Data → Folder to ‘editor’. However, the video never mentions adding the word ‘editor’ at the end of the published URL to access the actual editor through a browser. That is something plainly obvious now. However, to a newbie like me, it is not intuitively obvious.

  2. In my situation, even with your assistance and new understanding, I could never get everything to work reliably. I ended up deleting the blog folder on the server and started a brand new, clean, project file. Seems to be working great now. Fortunately, I only lost a half dozen posts. It will be quicker to recreate the posts than diagnose the issue.

Again, thank you for your assistance.

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Sorry to hear you lost the posts. If you ever need to in the future you can download your posts either through FTP or the Editor popup menu in the lower right corner of the browser window. This allows you to later upload them via FTP to your posts folder. As they’re all markdown text files that’s all that is required to backup and restore posts.