Alloy Editor feature request

@elixirgraphics - loving the new functionality provided in Alloy 3.

One possible feature request for the Editor would be to have an ability within the composition of blog posts and droplets to re-select images that have been previously uploaded as part of other entries, either as droplets, toppers or embedded images.

Not sure whether others would find this useful, but just a thought for consideration.

Keep up the great work

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This is something I’ve thought on. It would require building a pretty complex image management system. This isn’t something that will be quick nor easy if I end up putting it in. This would be something to look at long term perhaps.

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I would ask for a similar request: an option to duplicate an existing blog entry, making changes, save it. done.

The use case could be e.g. when the website contains different sections that are build in a similar way (like product 1, product 2, product 3…) and you want to insert an embed for all different products.

same goes for different cells of a grid, different columns of a column layout and so on.

Hi @papart

I’m not sure I get the connection between blog posts, as you mention above, and what I assume is embeds below:

Maybe you can clear it up for me so I understand and can give better feedback.

As for your use of Embeds – you seem to be using a lot of Embeds. Glad to see you’re enjoying them. Don’t forget they’re not meant to replace all content on the page. They’re meant to be used for content that will be modified frequently. The other content should remain as normal stacks in your project. Just some insight.

yes, ou are right, I was talking about droplets indeed - not the regular blog posts.
I really like the CMS functionality of alloy.
I mean: when the client has a blog editor at his hands for an ordinary blog that is at the same time able to inject content to the rest of the page by the usage of embeds and droplets - why not use it?

Droplets are great to enable the client to exchange images for example without the need of contacting me.
I would love to see options for managing more than just single images, like galleries or sliders…
On a page I had a Grif of 8 images that the client wanted to edit on his own behalf. It would have been more easy to prepare the corresponding droplets if I would have been able to duplicate the droplet of thew 1st image - that was my point in the previous post. I hope that it gets a bit clearer now what I was talking about. :crazy_face:

Embeds are a great way for clients to play around with creating the wording. It frees me from revisions after revisions because they found a typo in the script, want to use a different expression in a sentence etc.
I also used embeds to let the client play around until everything is just right and then I grabbed the final text from the embed, deleted it and inserted the text by using a regular stack in RW. this made the workflow much easier for the client and myself

Cool. I’m on the same page now then. :+1:

Glad you’re digging it. As I mentioned – since Alloy is not a full CMS, it isn’t meant to replace all of the static content on the page, yet. There’d need to be a different system for a full CMS. This is something I’ve been working over in my head some for a future update. I’ve currently got a bunch of projects in the works, but looking at more complex admin pages and CMS functionality is on my list.

This would fall into the same category above. It might be possible to have something for “galleries” in between what Droplets do now and a full CMS though. We’ll just have to see as things go on.

That’s an interesting workflow. Pretty neat idea!

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looking forward to what you will build in the future!!! :+1: :+1: