Alloy editor 'File not found'

I am trying out the Alloy blog. I like it.
But when I log in to the Editor I get the message ‘File not found’.
When I click on the go back in the browser, I am right in the editor.

How to solve this little issue?

I’m going to assume you looked at the requirements for Alloy and that your server and PHP installation meet those requirements. If you didn’t please check that you meet all requirements.

Did you follow the QuickStart videos step-by-step? If so please share your project file with us. If not please go back and do that: Quick Start | Alloy

Hi Adam,
I did check the videos again. Still don’t know what I did wrong.

After logging in the editor the url of the page with the message "File not found’ =

After I click on the go back button it goes to:
as it should be in the first place.

Is this of any help?

PHP is server side code. We cannot see it from this end. What will help is having your project file as stated in my original reply…

With that said though it looks like you’ve named your page incorrectly. It should always be named index and not redactie. That is why it is the default page name in RapidWeaver. :wink:

Fix this, then do a Republish All Files from RapidWeaver. After it completes, clear your browser cache and retest by visiting the Editor page again.

Ah, it was that easy!

I renamed it to index.php and it works :slight_smile:


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