Alloy Editor Responsive?

I’m assuming the Alloy Editor is meant to be responsive, but I’m finding on an iPhone that in portrait orientation the right most row of buttons is missing off the screen and there is no way to scroll horizontally to make them visible.

If the phone is rotated into landscape orientation they do show up.

Just curious as it is way cool being able to edit my blog on a phone!

Looks like the delete button is getting cropped off in portrait mode. This happened likely when I added the view mode recently. I’ll take a look at this and see what I can do.

As for scrolling horizontally – that would not be good to do as it makes those controls hard to discover.

I think what I’m going to do here it to hide the post’s Date at the mobile breakpoint. This will free up a little extra space for the buttons and the blog post title, making things cleaner and easier to use on those small screens. I’ll get to work on this.

That makes sense, look forward to the solution!

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