Alloy feature request

It would be most useful to have a way of letting users know that a blog post has been added or updated. I don’t think Alloy or Foundry can do this at the moment and I think it would be a useful function to add ?

Hi there @mp1963

Alloy contains support for RSS feeds at present. You can enable this in the main Alloy control center stack. This allows people to subscribe to the feed and know when new articles are posted.

I know about the RSS feed but that’s not what I meant …

I am thinking of something like iOS/MacOS badge type device which shows a number for the amount of new posts added ?

I’m unsure where you’re wanting a badge like this. That isn’t really a standard thing for a blog.

Also for something like what you’re describing to work it would require keeping track of what articles a user has seen – either by using cookies to track which articles users have seen and not seen, or keeping a database with that information. Cookies it a problem nowadays, so that is out, and keeping a database defeats the purpose of Alloy as being databaseless.

I was thinking of the home page to direct users to new articles … I can see where you are coming from with cookies and databases too. Its a difficult one. How to tell users there are new posts without using cookies/databases ?

RSS feed is the answer. That is the way blogs work.

Aside from that you could use the recent posts stack that comes with Alloy on your home page, which was a good suggestion from @Steve_J.

That said, off to spend the holiday with family now. Will check in on the forum later.