Alloy Google Indexing

We’re trying to get our head wrapped around SEO. Are Alloy Blog Posts set-up, intended to be individually indexed by Google?

As an example, say we have our five most recent blog summers on our main blog page. We assume that Google will have no trouble indexing the blog main page, inclouding those five blog posts. What happens to the blog posts once they get bumped to the archives; is there still a path for google to index each archived blog post?

In other words, when someone Googles one of our topics in Google Search, is it possible (if we have done our part with providing useful content) that Google Search could pull up one of our archived blog posts?

Google will, unless you tell it differently, follow all of the links on your page, that includes the Previous and Next links at the bottom.

We’re tying up loose ends and just needed assurance we are on the same page.

What are your thoughts on the add on SEO stacks / plus-ins for RW, do they add value to the project?

That is going to fall to you to decide on whether it is of benefit to you and your site. That said, these sorts of stacks are not going to work the way you need for them to on Alloy based pages, which I assume is what you’re thinking of using them for since this thread is in the Alloy category.

Alloy already provides meta data on the Summaries and Full Entry pages for the blog. Some time in the future I’ll be expanding that to include some structured data as well. That’s something I put on the road map a few months back.