Alloy Grid View

Hi Adam,

Any current plans to add a grid view to the summary view to Alloy? I have three clients looking for a blog solution but require the grid view.


Same here… please :slight_smile:

Just wanted to make sure you all knew this was noted. :+1:


Hi Adam,

Great. I already sent you a mail with kinda the same request. I wasn’t aware of this environment.
Would be very nice when this will be added.

I’m switching from Joe’s environment to Foundry and Alloy. I bought the whole shebang this weekend to make sure that I’m set…

And while I like a lot of things, I’m also missing some. Like this grid one.

I’d like to recreate the style in a new environment.
Thanks a lot in advance.

Grids layouts are on the todo list. I have to get Potion Pack and Thunder Pack updates released before I start on Alloy updates though.


Any chance of a Honeypot option for Form Pro, please?


@jacksona This seems completely unrelated to the current thread about grids. Please start a new thread for unrelated topics.