Alloy installation problem

I installed Alloy. When I log in to the site it says ;

"Getting started…

The folder Nieuws does not exist on the server.
Alloy has created the Nieuws folder and populated it with an example blog post."

But nothing happened. The folder Nieuws was not created an no example blog post was created.

When I create the Nieuws folder myself on the server, no post is created in that folder.

Any solution ?

Good morning @bartvosters

Couple of things to check:

  • Does your server support PHP?
  • If it does, what version specifically?
  • If you have the option of choosing the version of PHP then try setting it to v7.0+
  • Does your server have any sort of write protections enabled? If so then obviously Alloy cannot create the folder, or posts.

Also Alloy only creates the example blog post if the posts folder does not exist. If the folder already exists then Alloy assumes it does not need to create an example post since you’ve already manually created the folder.