Alloy layout options

Well, Alloy looks pretty cool. Are there any plans for other layout options for the post summary view e.g. other than 1 column?
It would also be nice if you could show the most recent post summaries in a row/grid (not just a link as in the recent posts stack) on a Home page or maybe on a full post show “You may also like” with some posts summaries from the same category shown in a row (desktop/tablet) at the bottom of the post.
A grid layout would lend itself to using Alloy for non-blog uses - it could be used to show products and services etc. that could be updated outside RW.
The markdown import stack looks really cool and I must say the whole Alloy approach of adding content by adding markdown files to the server really appeals to me. Congratulations Adam!

As of this moment that isn’t something that is actively being developed. That said, it could be something to look at in the future, but it isn’t the top of the list sort of thing right now.

This comes down to personal preference and I don’t know that I’d be able to please everyone with whatever I choose layout wise. Alternate layouts is a good enough idea as something to look at in the future. If you have ideas or examples of what you mean, post them and I’ll note it for the future.

Recommending based on categories isn’t a bad idea. I’ll note it, too.

Alloy is only designed to be a blog. That is its goal and functionality. Alloy is not likely to ever become a Content Management System, as you’ve alluded to. I want to focus Alloy on doing its “thing” really well. I have lots of plans for Alloy in the future, but they’re all blog related.

Thanks! As I mentioned there’s a lot planned for Alloy. I’m working on an updated roadmap for it. But I do have some things with Foundry that need doing first.