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I’m deciding if I want to purchase Alloy or not. So I’m watching the tutorial video’s and reading the documentation.
One thing I was wondering about: if I want to link from one blog entry to another blog entry, can I only do this by inserting a link to the full url?
When I’m working on two blog entries, and both are still in draft, how would I link from one draft blog post to the other draft blog post?

You can link to anything you like in an Alloy blog post. Each blog post has a URL. You can visit the blog post in your browser and copy the URL and use that in the Editor to link to the post.

As an aside there is a Previous / Next post feature that could be useful to you as well. Check out the documentation for the Blog Entries tool in the Alloy documentation to read about it. There’s even a video about it on that documentation page as well.

The URL to the draft is the same than the URL to the final Post.
If you don’t use pretty URLs than it should be always:

You can see the slug after the first save.
The URL before is always the same.

Ok, thanks for the quick response. So you have to insert the full url.
It would be a nice feature I think when the Alloy editor would allow you to insert a link to an existing blog page, and it would be translated to the full url then. So you add a link to “title-of-your-post-slug” and it would insert a link to "yourdomain.tld/?id=“title-of-your-post-slug”.

But inserting the url in the meantime is fine. At least now I know that’s the way to do it.

@elixirgraphics I watched several Alloy videos, and I’ll definitely also will watch the videos you linked to. Thanks!

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