Alloy not mapping to

Hi, I’m trying to add photos from the but Alloy is not finding them. Is there a specific location I should move my to?


@GavinH Hi, I always prepare my blog photos before in JPG format (others are accepted) 72dpi and desired size (1500x999 pixels or less). When you just drag and drop from the format doesn’t match and files are far too heavy. I know it’s boring to add preparation work but it’s better for the website speed and bandwidth. Hope that helps.

Alloy is not designed to work that way. Follow @Bruno’s advice.

Thanks. But I am a bit confused. Using my iPad & iPhone when you choose the add photo icon it goes to iPhoto. Then you choose options and can scale the image down (original, large, medium, small). Then click done and Alloy uploads the image to the server and inserts the link.

Alloy works on iPad for certain things by coincidence. Allow is designed to be used on a desktop computer.

Thanks all for the tips and clarification.

And honestly, as @Bruno points out, you want to size and compress your images specifically for the web before uploading them to your site.