Alloy on a staging site

I’d like to start building out a site and am going to try using Alloy. Is there anything specific I should do or keep in mind (either in the set up of the staging site or transferring to the live site) to make things go smoothly and ensure everything ends up in the correct folder structure? I’d like to have a handful of blog posts already published when it goes live

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Good morning @jabostick

The Editor builds the URLs within the post based off of the location where it is installed. If you set everything up on a staging server and add posts, the URLs within the posts for things like images, toppers, etc, will point to that staging server. You’d have to update the URLs after moving things over to the live server. Might be best to hold off on writing your posts until after you push the site to the live server.

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I was going to ask the same question. Can I assume that your answer @elixirgraphics applies to any embeds or droplets that were set up on the draft site too?

Yes. The Editor works the same for all URLs it creates. It bases the URL it is building off of its location.

Good to know, thanks!

In my case, I’ll just draft the blog posts outside of Alloy and then add them once the site is live. If we were to be making use of embeds and droplets in a bunch of places, it sounds like maybe using a password protected page might be better than using a staging subdomain?

Sure, that sounds like it could be useful.

Couldn’t it be done as well to create parallel pages that do not appear in the menu of the original page? I think if you want to customize a page for a customer with Alloy, that would be a good solution.Then I only need to disable the old pages, enable the new ones and clean up the server if I have the chance. In that case you have all paths right? Or do I think wrong… :roll_eyes: