Alloy: php 7.x throws errors


I am using Alloy with php 5.6. It works fine this way.
Whenever I set php to 7.x (7.0, 7.1, 7.2 or 7.3) I see these errors:

This happened when I added one new entry in the editor.

What might be the cause and what additional info is needed?

@Fuellemann Weird. I’m using PHP 7.2. No problems at all. Hopefully @elixirgraphics can get you sorted out soon.

Ah - it might be a bad timing when I added a new post? I try a few things and report… thanks!

Let us know. I’m not home right now, but I’ll check back here when I get back into the office.

If you’re still having problems send the usual: A ZIP file containing your project file, a copy of your current Posts folder as well as a detailed report of the problem and how to recreate it.

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Thank Adam, I sent you the files and some more info.

Hi all - I’m just resurrecting this thread because I’ve had to revert to PHP 7.0 in order to get Alloy to work. I was previously on 7.2 and I thought it worked fine. However, the blog page was showing blank entries. So immediately thought I had inadvertently unchecked/checked a setting somewhere. After quite a bit of checking I decided to revert my changes in RW and instead moved PHP versions incrementally back. Version 7.0 seems to be the only version that supports blog entries - weird!

Something is definitely wrong, but as a newbie, I’m unable to fathom out the cause.

Any clues anyone?

Good morning @MrBrillo

I myself am running PHP v7.2 on the Alloy test pages and it works just fine here. You can check out one of the example blogs here:

If you have a specific error that it is showing I’d be happy to take a look at that. If you send over an error for me to look at, as well as a copy of your project file, I can then see what you’re seeing. That said, you might talk with your host as well regarding your installation of PHP v7.2 as well.

Thanks, Adam. I’ll dig a bit deeper and forward on any PHP error logs if that would help. I’ll also touch base with my hosting company, as you suggest.

Will be in touch …

Just thought I’d update this thread with the solution for the benefit of other folks.
Alloy does work with 7.2, as Adam states. The issue was that by default, the mbstring PHP package is not enabled, so it was just a case of heading to my Cpanel and PHP installation and checking the mbstring package - it now works. There were other packages that were enabled in 7.0 but not in 7.2, so I checked those ones too.

Given I’m not a PHP developer, I’m unable to determine which packages should be included or excluded from the installation. I’m also unsure whether checking ALL packages is the right thing to do - probably not, since it may cause the site to become bloated and it may affect website performance (I’m guessing).

I think it would be helpful to know that when there’s a recommendation to move towards different versions of PHP, then it would be good to know which packages to install also.

Thanks to Adam for his prompt response to my issue :slight_smile:

Hi @elixirgraphics,

I am running PHP 7.3 on Alloy and having no issues.

At least not to my knowledge.

Each host can configure their installation of PHP differently. Some, like in the case of @MrBrillo, allow the user to configure each individual PHP package. While this can be good, it can also leave some common packages uninstalled by default, which is the case in @MrBrillo’s setup. We got it all ironed out though and he’s up and running again.