Alloy recent post stack


I would like to integret the Alloy recent post stack to the footer, so that on every page the last news/blog posting are visible for visitors.

Unfortunately I can see the title of the last 5 posts only on the footer from the news/blog page, but not on all other pages - there the section is empty:

Is there a possibility to show the recent posts in the footer from all pages?

Tank you in advance for help and best regards from Switzerland.

Hi @Fish_77

I’m going to guess you’re doing this in a Partial, correct? If so that is likely the problem. You need to set a Blog Page link in the Recent Posts stack settings. If you’re setting this link on one page and then creating a partial, then the link ends up being the same on all of the pages… this might seem right, but unfortunately it means the path is not going to be correct for those other pages. I’ve not tried this myself, but that is what I’m assuming is going on with your setup.

If you’re not using the Recent Posts stack in a Partial for the footer of the page please let me know. If that is the case then please also make available a copy of your project file for me to look at.