Alloy RSS as a sitemap and pretty URL's

To my understanding, Alloy doesn’t produce a sitemap of entries. So, for the purpose of submitting sitemaps to Google, I’ve submitted the RSS feed.

This has been successful, in so far as each blog entry appears as in Google Console. But, the pretty URL version doesn’t appear in the RSS feed, only the regular version.

This presents an issue for Google, because while it does recongise the version: it doesn’t recognise the version

So, I’m, wondering if there is a way to apply the pretty URL htaccess doc rules to the RSS feed? Or, if there is some other workaround?

Side question: If the RSS feed can’t be made to present the pretty URL’s, is there an alternative way to submit a sitemap of Alloy posts to search engines? (Without manually producing a sitemap for Alloy)


Sitemap Automator does it.

there is a discussion on this topic here

Alloy and Pretty URL canonical indexing - Foundry / Alloy - Elixir Support

unfortunately without a major update of Alloy probably no solution possible :-/

This is also one of the biggest problems I have with ALLOY… at least from an SEO point of view

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Thanks. I think that covers it. That said, not sure what the best way forward is!

I think, removing the RSS feed as the sitemap is perhaps the best option. Appreciate it if you have an opinion on this?

my tip would actually be to do without pretty-url … unfortunately, using pretty-url can always lead to problems with indexing by google. because the ?id= URL still exists and you cannot set the correct canonical url.

my experience with all my ALLOY blogs is that you get the best google rankings without a pretty URL. the only disadvantage of using ALLOY without Pretty URL - you can’t redirect old blog post urls.

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Thanks. That’s solid advice. I have been questioning the validity of pretty URL’s in general of late for lots of instances.

The blog in question is fairly new, with only a handfgul of posts, so putting in redirects for pretty urls to the non-pretty version is simle enough.