Alloy rss.xml file not generating

I’ve recently placed my Alloy blog on the home page of my website, I switched on ‘Generate RSS feed’ and filled out all of the boxes that followed on both the blog page and blog editor page (so both alloy stacks). No matter what I do, after publishing my site I can’t find any instance of the file rss.xml in my server. When I click the Alloy RSS stack, it just goes to a 404 error.

Anything I am doing wrong guys? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

My guess is it is something to do with your setup.

I’ve just built a quick test with the blog as the home page and enabled RSS feed generation. Upon checking the server, the RSS feed file (rss.xml) is being generated as expected in my test here:

I would suggest double-checking everything. If you still can’t hunt down your problem, then provide us a copy of your project file please.

Create a ZIP file containing your project file. This is the file you open in RapidWeaver to edit your site. After creating the ZIP file, upload it using a service like Dropbox, WeTransfer, Droplr, or a similar service to create download link for us. Paste that download link in your reply.

Hey there, thank you for your reply!

I reset the server, and republished the files again to be sure. Still no progress, as suggested, here is the link to my project. Many thanks!

Side note (slightly unrelated note), and it could be my error, but I believe the Alloy Blog Entries Stack has a bug? The Content Padding option under ‘Full Entry’ doesn’t work. I had to manually change the css for that page.

First thing I notice that is incorrect is that you’ve placed these items at the bottom of the page. These must all reside at the top of the page before your content. Currently you have them at the bottom below everything else.

As for your project – I published it here (Welcome | Elsewhere & Beyond) and the RSS feed is being generated, as you can see here in the folder containing the files for this project on my server. The only change I made was that I placed the stacks I mentioned earlier in their appropriate location within the project.

The problem is with the way you’ve setup the page, as I’ve outlined. Move those items to the top of the page, as shown in the tutorial videos on the Foundry and Alloy sites, do a Republish All Files and then reload the page. It should then generate the RSS feed file for you.

Oh wonderful, this fixed the issue. I had no idea the position of the base stacks mattered all that much, but now you mention it this makes sense. I really appreciate the time you took to help me, thank you.

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