Alloy: Save post automatically does not save automatically


I have a client who is typing a new blog entry. She adds a new entry, saves this post as a draft and then continues to work on it.

Unfortunately the edits she does are not saved automatically. I have set the time to 10000 ms and for a test to 5000 ms.

I edited the post myself, waited for 15 seconds, then closed the browser window. Then I opened it again and the added text by me was not there any longer.

So I want to troubleshoot this:

  • What are the best steps to troubleshoot?

Thank you,

Autosave does not save to the file. It retains the field’s content in the event that you get timed out. I’ll be honest it is not the best feature. It is a part of EasyMDE which is used for the Markdown field controls. When building Alloy I debated even including it. That is why it is off by default.

Before you ask — I do not have a way currently to auto save content to the file on the server.

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