Alloy Topper Image?

I have noticed that when using an image as a topper that image will not be revealed in an RSS feed, is this intentional or some side product of the way topper images are setup?

This has forced me to never use the topper image and instead put it at the beginning of the blog post in order for it to be visible in the feed. Not a problem to do it this way but was just curious if there was a reason why the topper images do not show up in the feed.

@handshaper: The topper image is not a part of the content of the blog post itself. The feed contains just the post’s content – meaning the body of the post. The topper is decorative for the actual blog page.

Also, I think when I designed the RSS feed code I felt it was weird to insert an image into the feed’s content at the top of the content, but below the blog post title when the original isn’t meant to appear like that on the site.

I figured it was something like that but thought I best ask. At least I now know how to structure my posts so that the images are visible in the feed.