Alloy URLs extension to pretty urls, removing the /blog/ page part of URL

Hi there, I’ve been doing all sorts of modifications to the HT Access file with a lot of help from Chat GPT :grinning: but still can’t do what I’m after. After changing the code to enable pretty URLs, which I always do and it works great, in this instance I want to change the URL to display the post url with the top level domain.

E.g. Main blog page displays

but then I want the actual blog posts to show without blog so would display as:

The reason for this is because I have redesigned a website for a client that previously/currently has a Wordpress website. Their blog page displays in this manner and they already have strong well establised google indexed pages for those blog entries, so I’m needing to keep all urls across the site the same.

Is this possible? I nearly get there, I can get urls to display as I want, but then the content of the page is not displayed.


That will only work if the blog is on the page at that url.

Got it, thanks for clarifying that for me and saving me a couple of days chasing around with htaccess. We have an idea server side with redirects we might try. Thanks again.