Alloy v3 example and Foundry

Hello, I just bought and installed Alloy v3. When I try the included Alloy v3 - example One file then I get many errors. It is still made for Foundry v2! Is there a version for Alloy v3 AND for Foundry v3??

In Foundry 3 you have an additional stack you need on the alloy pages. I think it is called shim. Add this for foundry 3 and it will work in Foundry 3 as well.

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Thank you! Unfortunately, that is not the solution. The point is that there are Foundry v2 stacks that do not work with Foundry v3.

The example project was made when Alloy was first created, and Foundry 2 was the only option. That said the example project is completely unnecessary. It is probably something that isn’t really necessary to include with the purchase since you’ll be building your own site your own way.

You’ll learn how to properly setup and use Alloy better by following the tutorial videos for Alloy, and the add in the F3 Shim as @Fuellemann instructed.