Alloy v3 - Issue with embed title & single quote

If an embed title is containing a single quote , then it’s not possible to drag & drop the stack of this embed to rapidweaver !

Send me a ZIP file containing the specific embed file please so I can take a look: adam at elixirgraphics dot com

Hi Adam
The problem is not coming from the md file. The problem is coming from the title name of this embed. I mean the name that is used internally. So just removing single quote ’ from this name solve the issue. As this name is not visible anywhere on the front end that’s not at all a major issue…but some have just to know that using ’ single quote in title name is breaking the embed stack drag and drop

BTW…all my congratulations for this amazing piece of software. Alloy v3 is really FANTASTIC! The so long awaited native RapidWeaver blogging system and full of nice functionalities…waouw…Thanks �

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The title is stored in the MD file though. I’ll go build my own and hopefully it matches up with what you’re seeing.

Thanks for the kind words!

I was able to replicate this one. It will be in the next update. :+1:

Good to know Adam. Nice to hear that this issue is confirmed and that it will be fixed. Perhaps some other punctuations like)()//-,?!’"@&€…will produce the same issue. Personally I’ve just tested with ’ single quote.

Better to double check.

They’ll all be addressed with this update.