Alloy v3 problem

Before I begin, I’ll explain my setup. I have RW 9, Stacks 5, Foundry 3 and Allow 3 (all fully updated)
I made two attempts to get Allow setup this evening.

Attempt #1:
Alloy blog - /blogs/BLOGNAME/index.php
Alloy editor - /blogs/BLOGNAME/editor.php

This resulted in a 404. I should have dug deeper, but I didn’t. I moved on.
This is how I’d like it configured, as I feel the URLs will be kept cleaner.

Attempt #2:
Alloy blog - /blogs/BLOGNAME/blog/index.php
Alloy blog - /blogs/BLOGNAME/editor/index.php

This also resulted in a 404.

At this point I looked closer. The file it was trying to load was files/stacks_in_10_login.php. The ‘files’ directory doesn’t exist. It’s ‘index_files’ in this configuration and was ‘editor_files’ in my first attempt.

I hope this all made sense.
Am I doing something wrong?

I figured this out. I’m not sure I like it, but I figured it out.

The Alloy Editor needs to be a top-level page, and not nested within other folders. I’m guessing this is what your discovered, but wanted to post it for others that might come across this thread.

Your guess is correct. After I get done configuring all of this, I might play around with using a symbolic link or two to get what I want. I ran into this because I was creating multiple blogs on one site, thus forcing me to stray from the norm.