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I would like to use an Anchor stack for some navigation within a page, without the MegaMenu stack, I can see how it is done with a URL but the problem appears to be that when you navigate to a different part of the page using this method it creates a new tab in Safari and a complete page reload.

So it is not smooth at all, is certainly not what someone would expect who happened to use this navigation option.

Am I doing something wrong?

I do not have the URL setup to open in a separate window, which I at first suspected might be the problem.

Have you looked at the Scroll To stack?

Yes, I have looked at it but I cannot figure out how to use the child stack without being forced to use the ScrollTo stack itself. What I need is someway of triggering a scroll to from a custom button to some part of a page.

I think an anchor is intended to accomplish this, which it does, but just not in a nice clean smooth way.

Hi, until the Anchor stack run smooth I use the stack from Doobox, which is really smooth:

See it at and click on Details in the first page and you will be scrolled to the details on a second pageā€¦

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Nice website!

Can you scroll to one of these Anchors with a URL or so you have to use the Anchor stack, it does look very promising, but I need to scroll to the anchor from within another stack that does not support dropping an anchor stack within itself?

Thanks :slight_smile: yes, you just use a link so you can use it from within another stackā€¦

Is there a special format for the link as I have been trying it and I cannot seem to get it to work?

Just add #da1 behind the link to jump to the first anchor on that page.

For my example the third anchor:

Or just #3 if it is on the same pageā€¦

I tried the #da1 on the same page and nothing happened. Also tried all of the other and could not get any of them to work, hmm! Stumped!

Well it looks like the problem might reside with the stack I was trying to use to make this happen as any other stack that I enter the URL into works just fine. Anyway I have reached out to the developer of the stack to see if they can give some guidance.

Thanks for the help!

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