Angle masking stack, two questions on using. Vertical angles & Degree of Angle. F3

I just had someone ask how to make a site that is roughly like this one. I had two questions about how to do it.

  1. The options for applying the slant seem to be on the top and bottom. Can the slant also be applied to the sides?

  2. The example in the link above has a background image behind the slant graphic. Can I apply a slant to an object but avoid applying that same slant to the background image?

When I experimented with the slant in Foundry 2 I just had a solid color background so I didn’t need to think about how it would interact an image behind it.

Suggest you look at the stacks at and

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The Bevel stack may also be able to do what you’re looking for: Bevel Stack for RapidWeaver


Yes, this may be what I am looking for. I think I’m looking for an angle stack that can be independent of a rigid theme. I sometimes don’t know if themes restrict me from being flexible or if I can add a Foundry control center stack so that I can give it the full control of Foundry.

If there is an option from multitheme or onelittledesigner from @fg8’s post that can let me have the full flexibility of Foundry and other third party stacks I may need the perhaps I can look into those two options as well.

Thanks for the suggestions.

Maybe the Backdrop or Enhanced image stack from One Little designer

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