Animated scroll down

Using Foundry 2.

I’d like to have the page scroll down after a user clicks on something in my drop down anchor or navigation bar.

How would I do that?


Don’t know if you found a solution

Go to this foundry 2 playlist and look for : building a one page site with mega menu anchor navigation. There is also another video on Anchors there as well.

Thanks @stackJunkie . I have mega menu and anchors already incorporated into my site and double check the settings for these!

@stackJunkie would do the job but I have a ‘Dropdown’ stack and I DON’T think I can put an anchor in there. @elixirgraphics ?


I think you can only do a top level anchor. That’s the only time I see the anchor option pop up. You could try adding a drop zone an see if you can place an anchor there, not sure if that will work.

Can’t put an anchor in there. :slightly_frowning_face: