Animation on Alloy landing page


I have a little question: On the Landing-Page of Alloy ( is an animation with the first Overlap-Picture (over the Banner), which move’s the picture up and down, when I scroll up and dow on the page.

With which stack is that done? The Overlap Stack has no such function, and I tried with some other stacks, but could not find this function.

Thank’s in advance for a little information.

Good morning @Fish_77

I used a stack I created recently called Gravitate for achieving that effect. You can read more about the stack here on the main Elixir site: Gravitate for RapidWeaver

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Thank you - I bought the Gravitate stack 2 days ago and it is really great!

Scheine I use it I have now a problem with the Equalizing stack, mostly of the Content disappears: Online Copy

Any idea, what I am doing wrong? Thank you in advance for a little feedback.

It is hard to troubleshoot without having your project file in-hand. If you share a ZIP file containing your project file either by posting a link to download it here so others on the forum can take a look, or sending that link to me privately via email (adam at elixirgraphics dot com) so I can have a look, then someone can help you better.

I send you just now a zip file File. Thank you in advance for your support!

It isn’t Equalize that has the conflict. The conflict is between Reveal Pro and Gravitate. Their animation libraries are in conflict. They will not work together. This is something that is known already. They’re simply incompatible. Switch out Reveal in place of Reveal Pro and see if that fixes your problem.